Questions to Ask

Are you insured? If so through who and do you provide an insurance certificate to your customers?

Big Sky Party Rentals carries one million dollars in liability insurance through Berkley Regional Specialty Insurance company, Rated A+ (Superior).

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Are you licensed through the city?

Big Sky Party Rentals can provide a certificate of inspection for all our units upon rental and request.

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How old is the unit you are bringing out to me? On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate it appearance? How many times has that unit been rented?

Some of the little guys who operate out of their garage will bring out the same unit for years and years. Any reputable operator will know the answer to these questions.

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What if it rains that day?

IMPORTANT. When inflatables get wet they are VERY heavy and difficult to move. Many of the “other guys” will literally cancel all the jobs the morning of the event if it looks like rain to save this hassle.

Big Sky Party Rentals leaves it up to, YOU, the customer to determine if you still want the inflatable. We will not be the reason your party or event is spoiled because it “might” rain a little bit in the afternoon. High winds that will be dangerous may cause the need to cancel for the safety of your children / guests.

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Do you clean your inflatables / moonwalks on a regular basis?

Some inflatable companies literally NEVER clean their moonwalks / inflatables. This is unhealthy and dangerous.

Big Sky Party Rentals maintains a STRICT policy of checking after each rental that the unit is clean and sanitizing each one. We also regularly power wash and scrub all our equipment after 3 times of being sent out for rental or when needed.

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If I go with your company do you provide an agreement clarifying in writing what you are providing me and when?

IMPORTANT. This protects you in the event that they just don’t show up the day of the party / event or bring equipment totally different than you discussed. This may sound crazy but we frequently get calls requesting units for that day because a company didn’t show up!

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Can you e-mail me recent pictures of the moonwalks / inflatables we are discussing?

You are spending a significant amount of money and inflatables are commonly a big part of an events entertainment. You deserve to have a good idea of what you are getting!

Big Sky Party Rentals will provide RECENT, COLOR pictures of all our units upon request!

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The actual dimensions of the unit you are getting!

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