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Don’t miss out on the new rides at Riverfest this year!

Big Sky Party Rentals is coming back to the Riverfest this year and bringing bigger and better attractions than ever before! Check out the Riverfest website for complete details of what’s going on this year! The dates this year are May, 31st thru June 8th! We will be introducing our brand NEW attractions at this year’s Riverfest and it’s at no additional cost to you, so buy a button and come on down to enjoy some great outdoor family fun.

OK, one sneak peak….. We will be introducing our very own Euro Bungee Trampoline at Riverfest this year! (the rest will be a surprise) Enjoy the opportunity to be first of thousands to try out these AWESOME units. We are working right now on updating our website with dimensions and pictures and video of all the brand new attractions so be sure and check back.

We will be casting a “you name it” event on this blog page and facebook so stayed tuned for pictures and the opportunity to name our new products! The winner of this contest will get a FREE RENTAL!

What Is Going On?

Make your own invitations

DIY invitations are an easy way to cut down on party costs. They are perfect for adding your own personal touch and unique style. Making the party invitations yourself allow you full creative freedom. It will be really easy to tie your party theme into the invitations or send a personalized message to each guest.

Create a Party Checklist

Before the party, create a birthday party checklist by writing down each activity and estimating how much time it will take to complete it.

Here is a sample plan for a 2 hour Party:

12:00-12:30- Decorate goodie bags and complete Craft Project.
12:30-12:45- Eat Pizza
12:45-1:15- Games
1:15-1:30- Cake
1:30-1:45- Open Presents
1:45-2:00- Pinata

I just leave the paper on the counter and glance at it occasionally to see how the party is progressing and if we are on time. If you see things are taking longer than expected, you can move things along faster by eliminating an activity or shortening one. If the party is moving slower than expected, you can make the activities longer. For instance, give each child two turns at a game that maybe you had only planned on giving one turn.

You will be amazed how a little piece of paper can prove to be so valuable. There is nothing worse than having all the parents arrive at the end of the party to pick up their kids and you have many activities not yet done.